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Jollin's Restraunt

The restaurant was established in Dublin in January,2015. This restaurant have been opened for a few month and earn quite a well reputation from local people who live around the area. The name of the restaurant was created by the owner whose name Jolin and it called "Jolin's Vietnamese Restaurant". The brand name look simple and unique, but it has meaning of its and it acts as an crucial part of the restaurant because of the fame and the cuisine that make customer have to remember it when they visted the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant is a woman who already had a family and a son, she have been lived in Dublin for 8 years and immigrant as Irish citizen. Her nationality is Vietnamese and working experience for 5 years now. The restaurant have many dishes that were made by their own hand and throughout the month, more dishes apply with better taste for serving customer, offer with many type of wines for customer demand. The idea came up by her and she want to manage the restaurant with her own ability, hiring lots of employeee and with a goal to success in the future.


12 parking slots available for customer which consists of 6 slots for car, 4 slots for motorbike and 2 slots for bicycle.

3 restroom available for customers, each of its have large space, provide with 3 sink and 5 toilet space.

Free Water available for customers, no charge fees, feel free to order.

Free Coffee available for customers, no charge fees, feel free to order.

Around 4 WIFI areas available in the restaurant at each corner, so no need to afraid slow internet connection.

2 Drivethru available around two side of our restaurant, divide each space for different transportation.