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Student No. 2899330

Gurcharn Singh Sikka

Student no. 2899330

Email Add : gurcharan.singh6662@gmail.com

My Name is Gurcharn Singh Sikka. I was Born and live in Delhi,INDIA. Right now am studying B.Sc in Computing at GRIFFITH College Dublin. I Love to play videogames alot especially racing and fighting type games. It's My first time that i am living very far away from my family. It's realy hard to live without family.But, i am enjoying it now beacuse i love to have different experiences of life to live. i love to do adventureous things like goin to forest and hilly areas to explore different things on our planet.

"The Two most powerful warriors are Patience and Time."

Leo Tolstoy

Nguyen Thanh Tin

Student no. 2904817

Email Add : hunterdevil1996@gmail.com

Hello!! I'm from Vietnam, I'm a quiet and lazy person, personally like to play video games and watch Anime, don't like to hang out much but i'm really friendly and easy going if people talk to me.

"Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted"

Altair ibn la ahad

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